10 Factors to Consider Designing Your Website

Ten or a few years ago website had different design for modern designs. Like the old model that you can identify and remove from the center of newer cars, you can tell if the design of this site is modern or old. With the tremendous technological advances of recent years, such as buying through mobile sites, redesigning your old site has become an urgent need to meet the needs of your customers. But before redesigning your website, you need to consider several things. If you want to know these considerations, just follow this article.

What do you need to keep in mind before redesigning your website?
1. Collect all important information on the website
Select the site’s view before designing it

Gathering important information and data you want to add to the site will help the designer and developer redefine the site. This will help reduce time and cost. You should know the pages you want to keep on the site and the ones you want to delete or change. Where should you place before the company’s website design and development that will handle the following:

A list of all the pages you want on the site
A list of the services you need with your importance
List of item specifications, price, photos and all the information about them
Company overview
List all company information such as contact information such as e-mail, phones and addresses
It is also important to clarify the most important information you have that you want to highlight more than others.
2. High quality logo design in various formats
Designing a high quality logo is important for redesigning the website

If you want to create a new logo or continue with the same old logo, several high quality logos should be provided. The presence of a number of logo sizes and formats in the programmer’s work in a more realistic way, which helps you better display the site. Among the required formats are provided PNG, vector file and all known formats for images. As well as several consistent colors that serve the site such as light and dark colors.

3. Use a professional designer and photographer
Professional product photography is important in reconstruction sites

Image content is faster to spread than written content. Then, using attractive, high-quality images that reflect the imprint of your brand and make it more prevalent. The website developer can use ready-made images, but will not give a spirit to your products that you want to market and sell. So before you start redesigning your website, use a professional photographer to showcase your products and services. A professional designer can also be used to display presentation projects in a more attractive way, as these images and drawings can also be used later in promotions and online marketing.

4. Imagine the format of your site
When you visualize the shape and design of your site, you help the designer and web developer to design a specific design before you start and do not use a design that is far from your imagination. And then it consumes more time, effort and money. You can first see the sites that offer the same services and the most successful ones, where you can draw the most important elements you want on your site, such as:

Form Fonts
Color Location
Split and Trace Location, such as Number of Columns, Lines, and Lists
Icons View Images
You can take screenshots to help the designer split the site and design it.
5. Prepare a list of basic site needs

Try to help the designer and programmer in what you want to add to the site’s basics or needs like:

If you need a blog on the website to write promotional articles
Electronics Store. If you need a store through which the buyer buys the goods
Interactive Lists. Interactive menus make it easy for users to navigate the site and the speed of movement between pages without boredom, such as location, price, size, availability, offers, etc.
Pages for customers. These pages make it easy to navigate the site, save the desired products and items that you are interested in, as well as archive the previous purchases
Event organizer. The Event Organizer is an add-on to the site that will show upcoming events that your company will perform registration lists. Checklists help identify potential customers to buy employees. The team page shows all team members and identifies.
6. Make your decision on the most important things for your company
Hot offers the most important content of websites when designing

Your site must have a major offer or feature, so you should start preparing this feature so the designer and developer can display it in the most attractive places on the site. Among the most famous features of these sites are the following:

Free goods or discount coupons
Sign up for an online course
Sign up for an online discussion
Sign up for the newsletter
Download the free e-book
Free or discounted advice
Watch a special promotional video
InfoGraph displays important advantages for your business
Free tickets to attend events
Get a free trial version of the service
7. Develop a plan for your potential customers
Sign the mailing list by contacting potential customers
A plan for your potential customers should be done before your site seems light. The most important of these plans are:

Choose a customer relationship management system or an email marketing system to send messages to your prospects with the items they like.
Create content automatically sent to potential customers as soon as you register

8. Create a code plan on your website
Creating a website code is one of the most important considerations when designing a website

Before creating a blog on your website, you must first develop a marketing plan related to the marketing of your services and products. And I have always tried to think about what the client thinks, as well as what problems can be found to develop practical solutions. Creating a blog plan requires that these questions be answered:

What is the time plan?
How many posts per week or month?
Who is responsible for creating this content?
When do these posts appear? Such as messages related to certain events
What topics should you write?
What interface should appear at the end of the content?
What is the method of publication? Do you promote by? The best platform to deploy
The presence of code helps increase customer trust and marketing in modern, unconventional ways that convince the customer that you want to know more about the questions you want to answer. Instead of the traditional methods of putting the merchandise just in the way of the customer and try to influence it directly.
Learn more about the importance of having a blog for your website in marketing for your company.

9. Think about the future
Determine who administers the site is important before redesigning

Predict what can happen before and after the redesign of your site. And try to put these issues in the eyes of the company’s design and development sites:

Who will own the content on the site?
Who owns and manages the hosting?
Who will manage the site?
Who will make minor edits on the site?
Can the company make changes to the site?
Do you need to train elements to manage and update the site?
All these questions and answers save time and attention as well as gain more effectiveness.
10. Predict the behavior of your customers and dedicate a design to them
Customize visitors when creating a website

Predicting the behavior of your company’s top customers helps a lot to determine the right design for them. For example, clients in the Gulf region have a culture that may differ from those in the Maghreb. The technology used also varies, with high-speed Internet speeds in the Gulf. Target ages vary in behavior and interests. For example, young people behave differently from middle-aged clients and so on. Before you start redesigning your website, you should answer these questions:

Who are the target customers?
What is the geographic reach of your target customers?
What are the concerns of each of your customers?
What are the ages of each category of customers?
What devices do they enter?
How can I assign each category its own design?
And certainly, after considering all these factors before redesigning your website, you will be better able to choose the best design and development company.
that suits you. And then get the best results you want.

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