3 Care When Choosing a Business Partner

Whether you are planning to start your own business or already own a medium or small business, this article will definitely benefit you.

You may have discovered that at the beginning of your project you encountered many problems and obstacles that took a lot of time and effort to solve, and this is normal at the beginning of your creation and management of a new company. How awful of the necessary tasks that need to be implemented just to get your project out of the light. Such as management techniques, techniques and engineering for your product or service, product or service marketing, public relations management and external clients as well as human resource management working with you on the same project to maximize the return on investment.

This is not just the beginning of your project or service, but it continues with you and multiplies those responsibilities and tasks. And we are in an age where an individual can not be familiar with all these responsibilities, study them, understand them, develop strategies, and make decisions on them. If your mind absorbs all that is needed-and this is very difficult-your abilities and the amount of your previous experience will not be great in all the necessary areas. What you specialize in will be one or two areas. But even if we assume that this is almost impossible, all this even if you decide to work 20 hours a day, which will of course affect your nerves and the amount of memory as well as your mind and your wisdom in making different decisions and putting them.

Choose a business partner

That’s where the idea of ​​a business partner came up. As I told you before, in that you are good, you may not know, another person knows what another person does not know. So in many small projects, 90 percent of them do not depend on the partnership to keep up with the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises as they grow and become large enterprises able to manage their resources with their own resources and get great returns on resources. to maintain its position and expand the market. But there were fundamental problems faced by everyone starting a partnership with a business partner. For example:

Lack of visibility between partners
Lack of clarity of reasons for disagreement with partner

The lack of clarity shared by business partners is a major dilemma. Each of them will try to offer the best for the job, but from his point of view it is. This can cause problems between the two partners. The seriousness of this type of problem lies in the fact that each of them is convinced that it thinks in favor of the work and to increase the return of the investment. Here the parties should be calm and listen carefully to different points of view and then evaluate the best solutions based on statistics and numbers, not based on views and opinions.

Sharing friends as business partners
Sharing friends as business partners is not good

The first problem in which a business entrepreneur is involved is the involvement of their friends as business partners. And often the reason he sees it correctly is that he knows them well and can trust them and their credit. And in this case forget a dangerous factor is experience. So, who did you choose to partner with in your business is someone who is expert in this business and can provide a great addition to your business and enrich your business or not? This brings us to the third mistake in which Ruud works.

Partnership with anyone who has the same thinking and guidance
How to choose a business partner

The second biggest mistake made by entrepreneurs is to partner with people who are like them in orientation, thinking and decision making. If you are a business entrepreneur who likes to think, predict future and crazy creative ideas, you should think of a business partner who violates your nature and your departure so that there is not just a similar version of you that thinks and thinks without a look comprehensive and general in all aspects of the matter. But to have a business partner of those who look more to material matters, bills and laws will be the most effective impact of your business. While you are flying ideas and talking about the new ways in manufacturing your product and additives that you intend to add to your service you are worried about financial and legal issues and budget and the actual steps on the ground,

Hence the idea of ​​business solution companies and marketing agencies as professional and reliable business partners. And not only that, but they are working to save a lot of time and effort for your project without getting into the major issues that may occur between you and an unqualified or professional partner.

You should know that the current age is the age of challenges. If you do not feel like starting your project and trying to promote it, do not start it. If you have the confidence and the will to start your own business, start immediately and do not waste time and trust that we are with you. Time is the most precious resource in life.

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