Comprehensive guide to creating a successful website

After the terrible development of marketing, it has become very difficult and even impossible to manage things like it was twenty years ago and even ten years ago. Strong Internet access in all fields led to the emergence of other concepts in marketing did not exist before, and gradually became the competitors companies in most markets began the establishment of an Internet site because it is the only place where can access to a very large number of people, you will not dream of half if you use traditional methods of marketing as well as reduce the cost required for that almost ten without any exaggeration!

But recently there has been intense competition between companies in creating and designing websites for them or for companies from other institutions. Although this competition is supposed to increase the quality of the services offered, the opposite happened, and some companies are trying to exploit customers by offering very low-cost offers and surprising the customer after so many unpleasant surprises, the simplest ones the customer was forced to pay for Intuitive settings on the site, so quit as he wants and not as they want!

So if you plan to create a site that meets your goals, ambitions and aspirations to reach as many targeted visitors as possible, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to help you create a good site step by step. We will also be with you at any step if you need assistance through our Twitter page or direct contact, as you can find on our site.

Steps to Create a Successful Website
Step 1: Determine Your Site’s Work Plan
Before you start creating your site, you must carefully define the work plan on this site. These are the following points:

What is the purpose of creating your website?
Set site goal

The answer to this question will tell you a lot and a lot of change factors after that and will make you walk a clear line and the steps are organized until you finish creating your site and even while modifying and developing your site more evening. evolving needs.

Some goals may relate to deploying your business or idea on the Internet to reach as many targeted listeners as possible, other goals that may be related to increasing direct sales to your business, either by buying online directly from your site or by providing direct advertising on your products or services on the site. Or you may want to run a site that has very important and visible visual or audible content for your targeted visitors, so you can use it later as a safe source of revenue through advertising.

To answer these questions, you need to focus on the next step.

2. How will you use your site to reach your goal?
Objectives of the website.Objectives of the site

Let me help you. There are many types of site types:

Personal Site (Personal Site)
is primarily used to identify yourself and what to do and past experiences. It is often used for people who want to become famous in their field and increase the number of followers and fans for better opportunities and spread more widely.

Trade sites (business website)

it’s like a personal website, but for business. Where the company uses to identify itself and its products and its experiences in the market and customers that have dealt with them before and the previous businesses and etc. Etc.
In today’s era, the existence of a website is indispensable for any company. It is no longer a luxury but its importance is the importance of having a real website for your company that allows your visitors to enter it, visit it and review its various services through it.

An online trading site that
differs in form and content from a commercial website. The goal of its creation is to sell electronic products or services directly and the most important example is
The publisher site was
created to create valuable and interesting content for targeted visitors to keep them as long as possible on the site and ensure that they return on an ongoing basis. The creation of this website is often used as a means of profit through the Internet, increasing traffic on the website and thus having the opportunity to place ads for large amounts of companies and other sites on the site.

Service Platforms

The idea of ​​these sites is to sell electronic services provided by companies and individuals to other companies or individuals. The site can be for sale the services of a certain company or for the deployment of services of other companies, as will be seen. And spread these sites in the current era and perhaps the most prominent site of five and a separate website to sell electronic services.
From the foregoing you can specify the main purpose of your site accurately and also determine the general characteristics of your future site in which all activities and information provided by this site will be built. Now we turn to the next point, which is the most important point of this article.

3. What is the cost of creating a professional website?
The cost of creating a website

If you plan to talk about how to manage your business and post it through your site, determine how much will be spent and for any length of time on this site and how much the expected return on investment ROI on this site after a certain period. time period as well.
Knowing this right point of knowledge helps you make good management and marketing decisions for your products and services as they spread across the Internet. The next step is also determined.

4. Do you intend to do everything yourself?
Site management

We all know that the magnitude of the terrible cognitive acceleration has made the idea of ​​a man making everything impossible. Before starting your website, you should think: Does your site need to be constantly developed and updated? Can you keep up with the new challenges and successive updates of search engines until they appear and stay on the front page of a search engine like Google?

Of course it will be very stressful, so you have to think, will you hire staff to get the job done? Or will one of the companies be entrusted with specialized digital solutions and e-marketing? In any case, you should trust the experts who provide you with the best results as quickly as possible in order to keep up with the developments in your field.

5. What is the target market for your company’s products / services?
Identify the target electronic market

Do you know the difference between the blue and red oceans in targeting your customers? Do you know the size of the market in which you intend to compete? So how do you compete in your product or service? True knowledge of the size of the market, the nature of competition, and the expectations of the customers of the producers and advertisers make you aware of the right steps you can take to secure a distinct place in the market you want to target. .

On the contrary, the absence of this information makes you like trying to hit a target and your eyes are closed. And he will continue to throw his arrows in the air without a real injury to the goal you are looking for.

6. Who are your strongest competitors in this market?
Identify and study competitors

It is not enough to know the market alone to win. You need to make comprehensive statistics about your strongest competitors in the field. Information such as the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors can be the launch or launch of a comprehensive marketing campaign. For your business, this could mean winning or losing thousands or millions without benefiting just because your competitor beat you to a point you did not want.

You can use many statistics and statistics tools to track and supervise your site. So you can study and know the nature of the users of your service as well as the competitors in this market, who seeks to break it

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