How long is the development of mobile applications?

The application design period is typically four to six months, but this does not mean that the first version of the application – V1.0 – requires at least four months and no more than six months to be designed; And the duration of work and create a mobile application affected by many factors that must be taken into account because they also affect the schedule set for launching your project

Article Summary:

To be well designed with high quality, it will take some time.
Applications with many functions and features require more design time
for applications with limited resources.
The budget controls the timeline, but the big budget carries some risk.
Identifying a team of experts leads to impressive results.
Translate the right skills, techniques and practices into more efficient agendas.
Scheduled for mobile application design:
there are numerous applications in the application store that are unnecessarily complicated and created by enthusiasts and whose characteristics are superficial and unimportant. These applications only need a few weeks or months to build, which is a wasted effort without any benefit.

There are applications that are very successful and these are the applications we use daily, make your life better, it is quick and effective, and often no problem.

Class 2 applications are likely to have hundreds, if not millions, of the hours that enter that time in the application storage list; Companies like Facebook have thousands of people working on their applications, both technically. This works with ease of use or in terms of services and mobile APIs that support them, and these applications took years to be what they are today.

With this backdrop, creating apps from Facebook, Uber, Snape Chat, Google Maps or Games can seem like a stressful task, but anyone who tries to create a new app has other similar apps that are free to shop.

Many individuals or companies do not have enough resources, either in staff or money, which makes them spend hundreds of thousands of hours working on the application, and that does not mean that a new application should not be created; we only emphasize how to approach building a correct application Good quality through the first version of the application.

Application design technology: platform, screen sizes, features:
Application design technology is focused on your features, screen sizes that need support and the target platform, and by identifying these elements, it is much easier to save time and effort

Screen sizes and platform support are relatively easier to process more immediately and are less troublesome to build the application. The biggest challenge is to identify the same resources; if there is a long list of features that dramatically increase the timeline and then we identify the costs and we have to look for The main feature and key features that will help you start your application are the features and resources; this approach will have the greatest impact that will help you stay within the four to six month period.

Application project
budget : The budget can be an important item in this list. Whether you are part of a company or just an individual, there is a cost associated with creating the application; increases with time; the budget is indispensable, even if you create the application yourself.

The first is that, based on your budget, you can understand how long your application budget will be funded; this is called “track”; the second is that once you understand what your track is, you can expand the scope of your application. Your list of resources; For example, if your budget only depends on creating your app for three months, reduce the list of features in your app.

Although the budget is more limited, it merely reduces resources; vice versa, a large or unlimited budget does not give you freedom because there is no discipline to apply; ironically, companies with tens of millions of dollars are always at their disposal – or individuals who can create applications on their own – who go out faster from the business or activate applications faster, do not let the convenience of money or special skills dominate it without set a specific budget and schedule.

Features and technical capabilities:
If you do not have the ability to design, you will not have the ability to think about the user experience or the visual design of your application. If you do not know how to program mobile applications, you’ll need to hire a professional company to design your application. applications

Processing parts of your application outside of your specialized expertise will result in a much longer time when your application design is complete. That’s why a dedicated application design team has all the skills needed to build the application, which leads to good design as one of the most important considerations when designing any effective application.

Ideas When creating the first version of the application v1.0:
When you say that many have launched their applications, they believe that the first application will lead to a good investment and will earn a lot of money and time.

The mental effort takes about six months to create a v1.0 application. You need enough time to create a high-quality application, while this long period can be detrimental to the application itself and a part of it.

The longer the application period, the lower the probability of being tested and verified in the market; the speed with which the application requirements are changed; Applying V1.0 for more than six months can result in a lack of key marketing. There is nothing worse than spending time and money on an application that does not have a market, so the period set for the release of the first version of the application in four to six months will force you to get the application in the hands of more users and start receiving feedback on it.

Application Development Process:

Following the application development process will not significantly affect the timeline. This step will not give you skills, but it can be a power multiplier for your application. The creative process allows you to create personal creativity and prosperity instead of mental power and energy allotted to common elements.

A good process also helps build a timeline all the time and not just typing on paper; the main effort of the application will be the time required to create an application, the time that will not be obvious without the process in place are considerations of early planning, frequently asked questions, design checks and all the small details that separate the good application from the application effective.

Summarizing this article, whenever the work has clear preliminary plans can be done before starting the visual design and the development of applications, the better.

Finally, starting your application in this way helps you reduce as much effort as possible, leaving your own agenda; Then, when designing and developing your application in two, three or more months, you will have clarity when the application completes, completes the quality test and the experimental tests, launching that application in the application store

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