Opportunities for E-Marketing for your company

If you are a little ambitious you decided to risk and start your own business. If your company is medium or small, you should be interested in this article.

After social networking sites began to emerge, e-marketing began to have a strong impact on all other marketing activities. And it soon became the basis of the marketing process in many companies around the world, especially those who are interested in tracking technology and developments in the field.

Many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the Arab world are trying to use e-marketing techniques to attract potential customers to their companies. But it’s strange that they start marketing online without the real knowledge of the challenges and problems they face later, making them an obstacle to increasing their sales and capital. So in this article, we will not only present the most important challenges you will face in your path, but also how to deal with them and overcome them. But do not forget to basically know the factors of your company’s e-marketing success through social networking sites, because it is a very important step in your journey.

Challenges and Opportunities of Electronic Marketing
The first challenge: rapid development
The rapid development of electronic marketing challenges

Speed ​​of developments and changes in methods, concepts, and even e-marketing platforms make it difficult for non-specialists to keep up with all the necessary developments. So you’re surprised that your website after it occupied the first page in search engines became the third page or even the fifth because of an update on Google’s search algorithms, causing a terrible fall in the number of monthly visitors to your site unless you are a specialist in the preparation of search engine sites that crawl your site and work on it

You can also wake up one day to find out that your company’s social network has been reduced by hundreds or thousands because of a new Facebook update to detect non-interactive accounts (note: the previous examples are quite real and have caused significant problems for many companies not specialized)

The second challenge: the existence of an electronic website Having a website increases
your company’s electronic marketing opportunities

Some business owners turn to creating a free page on behalf of their company on Facebook, instead of investing in the work of their website, thinking that this will save costs. But wait a moment, do you think any customer, no matter what, will trust you in this way?

Imagine you want to buy a service from a non-thirsty company? You would be comforting. Of course not.

Your company website is the company’s main website. Any visitor can access you, review your services or even buy directly from your site !! Learn more about using e-commerce applications here

In addition, having a website for your business will allow you to attract new customers through various global search sites, such as Google and Bing, using search engine positioning techniques, which is the third important challenge.

Challenge 3: Set Up Your Website for Search
Engines Appearing in search engines is one of the most important challenges and opportunities in e-marketing

Did you know that every second more than 45,000 searches are performed on Google?

If you want to check Google’s own number in Google Search Stats, you’ll find links in the references in this article. But the witness here is that you are already wasting a lot of research on the name of your company in your absence from the scene, and many potential customers who are now looking for sites and businesses similar to your future website, as I told you before, are constantly developing and updating. Follow this development as needed.

The fourth challenge: the use of social media
Marketing on social networking sites is one of the challenges of e-marketing

After setting up your company’s online site, the most important question now is: how will you communicate with your potential customers?

As I said at the beginning of the article, the biggest impact on all means of marketing is social networking sites where the vast majority of the target segment of their clients hours of time to browse.

Therefore, their presence on different social networks is imperative and necessary to complete the various sales and even communicate effectively with potential customers. Simply because nothing affects the decision to buy a person better than a recommendation made by a friend of the product.

And let me tell you something else, social networking sites give you a marketing advantage that is never available out. It is that you can segment your customers unavoidable based on their type, age and even in their areas of residence and interests.

Imagine that you can do a promotion that only men between the ages of 18 and 35 can see and care only for food. This is undoubtedly a great savings for your time and marketing budget.

The fifth challenge: the lack of clarity of the vision of the future of the marketing of electronic managers
Establishing goals is one of the most important challenges of electronic marketing

Knowing how to choose the right marketing strategies for your business alone will have a direct impact on the results of the marketing process. Because of your knowledge of important factors such as field size, number of competitors, strengths and weaknesses, your marketing policies, consumer behavior of your product or service, geographic distribution, and market conditions, such as the political and economic situation of company. parents. All of these factors affect, in one way or another, their monthly sales rates, so the participation of experts in this field will save a lot of trial and error.

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