REVEALED: Why Ben Stokes’ father was cheering for New Zealand to win

REVEALED: Why Ben Stokes’ father was cheering for New Zealand to win


Such a World Cup final in the history of cricket is rarely seen now. It was Ben Stokes and England’s good luck that got them over the line. England got very expensive four extra runs in the last over,and in the end, these runs shocked New Zealand on the historic grounds of Lord’s on Sunday as England clinched the World Cup title. Ben Stokes has also apologized to the New Zealand Cricket Team.

England needed 15 runs to win in the last over. Ben Stokes scored nine runs on three balls with a six on the third ball of the over. Stokes played the fourth ball on the midwicket boundary and ran for two runs. To complete the run he made a dive to reach their crease. At the same time, Martin Guptill’s throw hit his bat and ran towards the boundary line changing direction. Stokes and England scored a total of six runs on that ball. Then they required three runs off 2 balls.

These runs that England found were absolutely right under the rules. According to the rule, “If the ball crosses the boundary due to overthrow (even after hitting any of the batsman), then the four runs will be added to the score after the overthrow.”

Ben Stokes played a magnificent inning yesterday against New Zealand .
Ben Stokes was the man of the match with match-winning innings of 84 runs.

Gerard ( Ben Stokes’ father) admitted to having mixed feelings about the result of the final and told that while he was overjoyed for his, he was still a New Zealand supporter and was bitterly disappointed by the result.

“I really am disappointed for the Black Caps; it’s such a shame someone had to walk away without the trophy. Hand on heart, I am overjoyed for Ben and the team, but I am still a New Zealand supporter.”

Gerard also said that he will be the most hated father in New Zealand.
“I’ve had one or two say I’m probably the most hated father in New Zealand. That was pretty tongue-in-cheek, I hope it was anyway,”

Proud that his son had the kind of influence he did in deciding the game, Gerard also said that it is unlikely that any of the England teammates would have been able to stop the all-rounder from coming back out for the Super Over.

“I don’t think they would have been able to hold him back. He’s was obviously fatigued but he’s pretty fit at the moment and all the hard work has paid of

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