5 factors to successfully market your business on social networking sites

As a business owner or manager, one of your primary goals should be to know the success of your company’s e-marketing through social networking sites. So in this article, we’ll look at the most important factors that you can use in your company and the most effective ways to deal with them and turn them into strengths for your company.

Factors to successfully market your business through social networking sites
The first factor: B2B business marketing Business to business
marketing through social networking sites

While the world is turning to creative television ads to attract the attention of clients and investors, the actual strategies and gains in e-marketing, especially between B2B and business marketing. But the real problem here is that many companies, if not most, do not do this type of marketing the right and effective way to achieve the desired results. So do not be surprised if you find them later to say that this form of business can not be marketed electronically, despite dozens of global statistics that deny this claim.

So how do I overcome the challenge of using B2B e-business?

A recent study on business marketing for B2B companies has shown that content marketing helps achieve 72% of leads, which is the highest percentage among different marketing methods. Having a special content for your company on the Internet is very important and important to identify the resources and competitive advantages of your company in the market, giving the potential customer the impression that you are the best.

But be careful, do not rush into writing content before putting on your account the second most important challenge that may lie in the way between you and the prospect.

Factor 2: Understand the right customer for your business
Segmenting customers through social media sites

Many companies are surprised after writing that the company’s status is still the same. And that the numbers of potential customers are still as they are without a small increase !! This is simply because the written content does not fit the profile of your company’s potential customer. You must be familiar with the ideal client qualities of your business and direct your content directly to it.

This method will not only bring you better returns but will also make you more comfortable with customers who are not compatible with your business, the style and the way you deliver your products. What saves you a lot of time and effort in the presentations and interviews of a huge job does not bring the desired results.

Factor 3: Use the appropriate channel for marketing
How to choose marketing on social networking sites

Imagine that you wrote great content about one of your company’s domains and then uploaded it to your site or blog and waited for customers. Do you expect someone to come?

Simply not, good content should also be well marketed and I mean marketing here are two parts:

First: Marketing through Social Media Sites – SEM (Social Media Marketing)
Second: Creating Your Website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Each of which has special importance and criteria that we are pleased to provide you. How important is e-marketing to your business?
But initially you have to choose the right channel for the right content. For example, when you want to create highly professional content about your business, you might want to submit it to LinkedIn instead of Facebook. Also, if you want to upload many different photos about your company or your domain, instagram will be the best way to do it – why?
Simply because an instagram user will be receptive to the idea of ​​viewing images and if your potential client is in Saudi Arabia or the Persian Gulf, you are probably using Twitter to display your marketing message due to increased use of that marketing channel.
Factor 4: Total market knowledge Market
research before marketing on social networking sites

Do you think trying to sell a great snowboard to Antarctica residents is a good idea? Okay, why not?

Of course they are there – they do not need it – and if they do, no one will buy it. Unfortunately, some companies today do the same thing unknowingly and resort to putting their idea in the market after it has spent a lot of money and then was surprised that the market did not need it. Before you get surprised, you should know that big companies have done the same thing as Chevrolet when they marketed their well-known NOVA in Mexico and they did not get any sales because the word NO GO means “no walks” and definitely does not buy. name “Do not Walk”.

Conclusion Market research is an essential step before starting any business to market your business and should be a study based on numbers and statistics and not based on conclusions and personal opinions.

Factor V: Beware of your competitors
Targeting strategies in marketing through social networking sites

There are two types of marketing strategies mentioned by W. Chan Kim W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne – Renee Mauborgen, named by the British Sunday Times as the world’s best thinkers in Europe in their great book The Blue Ocean Strategies. In this book, the strategy section refers to the “red ocean” and symbolizes markets full of competitors and similar or similar products in their characteristics. And the “blue ocean” symbolizing the few new markets and competitors that should be targeted instead of wasting resources in the bloody Red Ocean competition.

Therefore, when working on a marketing plan, competitors must know, evaluate and identify their strengths and weaknesses to target weaknesses and try to bring them to advantage or ownership of your product or service. You can learn more about choosing the right marketing strategies for your business.

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