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Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Creating a Mobile App


Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Creating a Mobile App


There are a large number of people who have ideas for creating a useful mobile application in a particular area or solving a problem in society, and ideas owners always face the problem of the next step and some may think of the application design and direction for publish it directly without proper planning.

If your app idea takes you all the time, in several ways, start implementing it, but not before answering some of those related questions that will help you navigate through the steps to build a successful mobile app, and increase the visibility of application clarity.

Am I in this for a long time?


Creating a mobile application and transforming it from a simple idea into a successful and widespread application is easy to use and is known to the target group as a journey rather than a job with traditional tasks; you may have heard enough that there is nothing better than fatigue and diligence that results in this. So be honest with yourself if you are ready to invest your time, your owner and your energy to develop your idea and if you want to invest enough to see through success.

Is there a market for this application?

If you are thinking about creating an idea of ​​an application and there is already a market, you already have the real care with your idea; you need to decide what highlights your product during the competition and why people buy your app.

If you have entered a new, unknown domain, it will be difficult to verify your product. It may take longer to validate some use cases and examine the personalities of the customers who will buy your product.

Who is the user of the application?

The personality of the buyer or customer is a careful analysis of the people who would like to purchase your application, including: user location, behavior patterns, motives and goals; The more you need the information, the better the user and the user’s preferred behavior. It is better to invest some time to identify him. The more information you have about your customers, the easier it will be to identify the key points that will help you build a successful mobile app.

How can I take advantage of the idea of ​​creating mobile apps?

Less than 1% of applications are profitable at the Apple Store, which means that 99% of applications in the store are not a source of money for their founders, so you have to determine the means to monetize your application and why to pay for it. With a revenue strategy, keep in mind long-term profits if you can get the interaction to your application.

Do you have a plan to start the application?

Many people believe that a mobile application is the last step of their own success, but the fact that creating an application is just the initial stage. But the question is: have you thought about getting the first 100 users for your application?

First, make sure you know the user profile of your app, and determine if you plan to spend money on Facebook ads, and if you’re looking for a marketplace, social media, or search engine, get ready for long-term results; If you want immediate results, place sessions and Hangouts for potential customers in your city or region, and create a creation plan to connect to them.

Do you have resources to market?

It is not a condition that marketing means spending a lot of money, but it definitely means spending a lot of time trying out what works and what does not. It’s a full-time job; Do you have the resources to hire an outside agency to do this for you or do you have some time dedicated to the idea of ​​marketing your application on a daily basis?

Regardless of time allocation, start by making a plan, determining what platforms your potential customers are and how they attract attention to your product.

Have you found your good developer partner?

Finally, if you are a non-technical founder, you need to identify the right partner for the application design. Most non-technical founders spend very little on their products and allocate more for marketing.

What they do not realise is that there is no amount of marketing that makes the client use the app if it’s a bad project, so invest that extra in creating an app that can delight your customers. Good application has the ability to find solutions to customer needs which will reduce the cost of your marketing.


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