What is the best platform for native or cross-application design?


When you start thinking about creating a new mobile service application, consider some important points, especially if you are considering a first-class technical project.

You should know that when designing and developing a mobile application, you will need to program three main parts:

Backend is the management control panel through which full control of the project and its content is performed and programming is done in web languages ​​such as ASP.Net or PHP, and the data is stored in a database.
Application programming and design: There are two types of programming for native and hybrid applications, and you need to program an application running on iPhone or Android.
In the native case, the iPhone application will be programmed in C ++ and Android in Java.

In the case of Hybrid, the two types will be programmed in the same language as the Titanium or React Native.
The Web Service is the interface between the application in the hands of the client and the database and is also programmed in web languages.
One of the most important points to be studied is the type of programming you will choose to implement mobile application programming . It is native or cross and we will try in this article to help you explain the difference some fundamental differences between the two systems:


Benefits of native applications Native applications: Native
application code works faster and better and can work better with device functions such as camera / microphone and speed

With native apps, we can easily analyze and analyze user actions and actions that make it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of app features and the effectiveness of your promotions.

Native native apps are usually better for running and speeding up

Native Application Limitations Native Applications: Native
Applications Native development costs more than Hybrid App or Cross Platform applications and will take a long time because two native applications for your company, rather than a platform, will be more complex. This application is not suitable for companies that want to run one application on several Run platforms.

Having native native apps in just one store does not give you the chance to gain app interest, which is a lucrative process, to be difficult.

Cross Platform Applications:
It is an application that is developed only once and works on different platforms. This means that the developers of programming these applications are writing the code according to the operating system in which the application is loaded, it is very attractive to those who want to work the application of the game and this application will save time and money But let’s talk about hybrid application applications created with a combination of languages ​​including CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript unlike native applications. The hybrid application does not require independent efforts for each mobile platform where it is placed. Since it can be provided in the Jamie Play Store

applications : The hybrid application offers most of the functionality and is tailored to the needs and requirements of the user, which is specifically for him.

Hybrid application developers are not limited to operating on a specific platform where they can create cross-platform hybrid applications.

Hybrid application applications are the best choice for developers who create intense visual applications, such as games.

The disadvantages of
hybrid application applications : Hybrid application developers require more time and effort than native applications to make them easier to use.

App stores may reject some Hybrid Applications applications if they do not perform functions efficiently and work properly.

You should know that the user is at the heart of every decision in terms of your business and that the user does not know the difference between native applications and the Hybrid Applications or Cross-Application platform, but you will definitely see and feel the difference.


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