Why are online marketing companies selling their products?

After the proliferation of high-speed Internet-based smart phones, many of the buyers trusted them to make the decision to buy Internet products or services. And others used by buyers to do detailed research before buying the services and products that they intend to buy, such as price comparison and knowledge of the opinions of former customers, service provider or manufacturing plants.

The importance of e-marketing over the Internet is that it has become the main factor on which many rely on the decision to buy products and services. Studies have shown that there is a steady increase in the number of buyers making a buying decision by searching on Google or social networking sites like Facebook, product prices, reviews and quality from previous buyers and other transactions that affect the purchase decision.

Therefore, e-marketing over the Internet is an important way to build strong relationships with potential buyers or buyers through regular purchase channels for them and the service provider. It seems that the low cost of e-marketing has begun to take the carpet out of quantitative marketing, which depends on the ads broadcast to all people and groups and not just the target groups.

Some points illustrate the importance of e-marketing

Continuous sale 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days!
We do not associate with working hours, so that we can market products and services at any time … all day … and throughout the week .. and even throughout the year without interruption. This means that we reach our target customers in their free time and during their work .. even at the time of lack of sleep at night. At any time, it will do!

Reach customers in remote geographic areas!

E-marketing does not depend on geographic location, which means we can conclude a purchase agreement with a buyer who lives in one country and sells in another country! Therefore, we overcome one of the most important obstacles to marketing and it is the obstacle of distance.

E-marketing means less marketing cost

When planning a store to display certain products or services, the most important thing to worry about is the cost of setting up the store, which includes the rental of supplies, stores and periodic expenses, as well as labor costs .

And through e-marketing will not bear all those costs! It will not add to the cost of the product all these high costs of salaries, rents and others, and thus offer a cheap and high quality product.

See the right product for the buyer.

Electronic marketing methods help us understand purchasers’ behavior patterns and therefore we can create a specific set of products and services for each group of customers.

This means showing the right product to the right buyer, which increases speed and rate of purchase, as well as implementing an important selling strategy, which is the resale of cross-selling, which means displaying some additional products associated to the client. during the procurement phase of the basic product.

The initial purchase means an ongoing relationship in the future

When the buyer buys the first product or service we provide, it means that the buyer has just started a special relationship we can strengthen and install through promotional emails with new products that are important and suitable for what he is looking for. The process of communicating with the customer helps to invest the customer as a frequent buyer in the future.

Treasure. Using social networks to sell

When a customer completes the purchase of a product on his site, he is probably happy with a large percentage to complete this process. This will lead you to publish the product page on your Facebook or Twitter page so that we can translate the event as a product publication without paying any marketing or promotional costs. Just because the customer is happy to publish the product among many groups, pages and friends!

Companies have achieved Internet marketing success

There are many large companies that exploit their electronic presence to get big sales of many products and services, which offers:

Amazon is

an online marketing company with estimated revenue of approximately $ 89 billion by the end of 2014

eBay is

a US company involved in online product marketing, with revenue estimated at approximately $ 18 billion by the end of 2014.
Alibaba is
a Chinese company operating in the same area, with revenue estimated at nearly $ 9 billion by the end of 2014. end of 2014

Salesforce.com is

an American company working in the field of cloud computing and provides a management program for the sales department, which estimates annual sales in 2014 at approximately $ 4.5 billion.

TripAdvisor is

an American company that operates in the tourism market around the world, whose annual sales in 2014 are estimated at approximately US $ 1.5 billion.

In the end ..

The faster you have an e-marketing channel, because the delay in making a decision means a certain loss of real gain opportunities

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