You need to know about web application programming

In the science fiction films of the 20th century, there was always an idea for us that in the future robots would help us in everything from housework to different areas of work.

Today we are in 2018 and the robots have not dominated our lives in the way these films have been portrayed yet, but what the films did not expect and became our first assistants and not a day without asking for help is an application.

Apps are not just “chat” but are now in a world full of applications that help us in our daily lives, including web applications.

When it comes to programming web applications, we find a great combination of Web and Web applications. “, Comes the question in mind What will be the difference between this portal and the website?

In fact, the difference between the site and the web application is very simple, and the average user may not find the difference. Both have a “URL” to access, but technically the web application requires a greater user interaction than the normal site, which means that the user can control an application web, while the site function is only its extension information.

Example to illustrate the difference between the web application and the website:
when you talk about web pages about a restaurant, the experience of dining out and how to go to it if you are in front of the website of this restaurant is the main role is to identify and give information about the restaurant.

If you find a page on your site that qualifies you to create your own app and add its address to contact you, this is the web app.

It’s the same in stores that sell clothes, corporate services and even government services, so the role of the website depends on providing the information while the application makes the user interact and get services in return.

Once you get to know your web application, the second question you’ll ask is: Why do I need to create a web application?

Mobile apps do not eliminate the importance of Web applications because they have their own advantages, for example:

– It reduces the cost of businesses and individuals, since the web application provides time for customers and representatives of companies who spend most of the time communicating over the phone.

– Create a database by getting the data of each individual who registers through it.

Unlike the dial-up web application, the service is available 24 hours in 7 days.

– If the user has a problem with the space on their phone that impairs the download of the application, the web application gives the user the benefit of downloading or occupying any space, be it in a cell phone or computer.

Unlike a dial-up phone that distances can block, the web application can reach anyone in the world.

Finally, once you know the difference between a web application and a website, and the benefits of a web application, you must know what kinds of web applications are most relevant to you.

Web applications are fixed “You can say that
Web applications are static”: Static Web applications are the simplest of these types of applications, but they do not have flexibility and their content is limited.

Such applications are professional portfolios or resumes.

While this type of application allows banners, GIFs, and videos to be used, modifying them is not easy. You must first download the HTML code, modify it, and send it back to the server.

Dynamic Web Applications You can say interactive user applications “Dynamic Web applications”:
Dynamic Web applications are technically more complex if you link to static Web applications.

From the data and content rules, who is updated periodically every time the user accesses, thanks to the “CMS” content management system, which allows users of dynamic applications to modify the content in an easy way. In addition, there are other advantages such as forums, databases.

The only disadvantage of this type of application is that its programming part is more complex, but because of the advantages it offers, and today there are many platforms that facilitate the creation of this type of web application.

Web applications for e-commerce:
Just hearing the name of this type of application is sure to have created a mental image of it, are already those applications for stores that sell their products over the Internet.

Any application specialized in managing sales and purchases should be treated with caution due to the payment processes and banking transactions that take place through it, which makes the error a disaster, so it is designed and protected strongly.

One of the tasks of this type of application is to import new goods, cancel the goods that have been implemented, along with the management of payment transactions and other resources.

Web Portal
Applications : Web applications are a type of application that allows users to have more than one section on their home page, but after logging in with a username and password, they can follow the activity of other users on the home page. app. chat, Send messages and read what else he added to this portal.

Web applications that depend on animation, “Animated the Web Apps”:
Web applications depend on animated graphics, which are related to Flash technology, giving you the opportunity to distribute your content through animated images that provide a lot of creativity . is not available in any other type of application.

This type is not suitable for SEO policies, which is to make search engines easy to navigate as it is difficult for search engines to read animation data.

Content Management Web Applications:
We mentioned earlier about this type when discussing dynamic web applications, but content management applications are not only part of dynamic applications, but are a type in themselves that allows the user to manage their own website and content

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