8 things you missed | From Sarfaraz Ahmed trying and failing to do a Dhoni to Rashid Khan’s throw hitting the captain



Welcome back to the article which will make you go, ” How did I miss that?”. You are saying you didn’t miss a single incident in the nail-biting match between Afghanistan and Pakistan? I am here to prove you wrong. Here are the 8 things you missed during the fantastic match.

Wahab Riaz is pissed!

Wahab Riaz’s delivery was flicked down to fine leg and he thought the fielder would collect the ball quicker and keep it to 1. But he was wrong. The fielder was very relaxed and gave another extra run.



Misfields continue!

Which seemed like an easy piece of fielding, Mohammad Hafeez failed to collect the ball and kicked the ground in frustration!

Shadab Khan forces Sarfaraz Ahmed to take a review!

Shadab was confident about the Lbw and forced Sarfaraz Ahmed to take a review but alas, it turned out to be a horrible review and Pakistan were left without any.

Sarfaraz Ahmed left baffled!

Ikram Ali tried to scoop Imad Wasim’s delivery and it caught the edge and went up. Sarfaraz Ahmed had no idea where the ball went and let go of an easy catch!


Fakhar Zaman’s horrible piece of fielding left Sarfaraz Ahmed fuming! That was a run-out chance!



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