WATCH: Shannon Gabriel escapes freak injury with bails narrowly missing his eyes



Mark Boucher’s career ended prematurely due to a bail hitting his eyes and it was no less than a heart-break for his fans and the fraternity. West Indies speedster escaped a similar tragedy during the game against Sri Lanka when a direct hit clonked the bails into his face and just missed the eye.

Cricket has often witnessed some career threatening injuries and Shannon Gabriel would be thanking his stars to escape one, which might have caused him serious trouble. Sri Lanka were batting well and eyeing for a total of over 300 with Angelo Mathews and Avishka Fernando in command.

On the second delivery of the 35th over, Angelo Mathews nudged the ball towards short mid-wicket, who fumbled and conceded an extra run. Jason Holder came charging towards the ball from and took a shy at the stumps as the batsmen were steaming in for the second. The ball hit the stumps on the full and the flying bails hit Gabriel’s face, who was a couple of feet away from the stumps, narrowly missing his eyes. It may look like an incident that can be overlooked but an instance like this can cause severe injury just like it caused to South Africa’s Mark Boucher.


Gabriel didn’t look pleased with the effort and was certainly not happy with the hit. He continued to bowl after that and would consider himself lucky for the bails not hitting his eyes.

Watch the video here:


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