WATCH: Mohammad Hafeez responds to ICC’s savage meme on comical delivery against Bangladesh



Mohammad Hafeez bowled a loopy full toss to Soumya Sarkar who dispatched it into the fence with ease during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 clash between Pakistan and Bangladesh at Lords on Friday. It was one of those rare deliveries which slipped out of Hafeez’s hands asking to be hit and Sarkar had no difficulty in putting it away to the mid-wicket fence. Pakistan had decided to open the bowling attack with the off-spin services of Hafeez after having posted a formidable 315/9 in their 50 overs.

It happened on the final delivery of the third over when Mohammad Hafeez bowled a juicy full toss down the leg side to Sarkar, who had all the time in the world to give it the punishment it deserved. Gripping the new ball is never easy for a spinner and especially for a part time spinner like Hafeez who is not used to bowling with it. The Bangladesh opener couldn’t have let the once in a lifetime opportunity go in vein as he advanced down the track to meet the ball and pummeled it towards the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

The cameras seemed to have lost sight of the ball for a moment while the umpire had absolutely no idea where the ball had gone after it left Hafeez’s hand as he was seen ducking for cover with both his hands covering his head. Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed, who was standing behind the stumps, sensed it as an opportunity as he tried to appeal for caught behind as the ball went to the right of the fielder stationed at deep square-leg for the second boundary of the Bangladesh innings.


The meme makers at the International Cricket Council (ICC) decided to get creative and step up their meme game at the expense of the Pakistani cricketer. The video-montage showed Hafeez launching the ball into the galaxy in the process of trying to give it some flight. “When your bowling coach tells you to “give it some flight,” ICC captioned the hilarious video. The Pakistani cricketer however seems to have taken it in a seemingly light mood as he responded to ICC’s tweet with a ‘hahaha’ reaction.

Here is how Hafeez responded:



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