WATCH: Quinton de Kock pulls off an incredible no-look run out to send Marcus Stoinis packing


MS Dhoni has set the benchmark for wicket-keepers around the world with his lightning-fast stumpings, fancy flicks and run-outs. Today, Quinton de Kock replicated Dhoni’s famous ‘no-look’ run-out to dismiss the dangerous Marcus Stoinis, in what almost seemed like a tribute to the Indian keeper.

Chasing 326, Australia got away with not one, but two easy run-outs, with Kagiso Rabada being the main culprit. However, the Proteas keeper Quinton de Kock ensured that the Aussies were not going to get away with it for a third time, as he came up with a ridiculous instinctive no-look flick to get rid of a well-set Marcus Stoinis who was looking to tee off.

Absurdly enough, the scenario was almost exactly a carbon copy of the non-dismissal of Warner in the first over. The bowler was Imran Tahir, and Warner had flicked one to Rabada at short fine leg. After calling for a risky single, Stoinis soon realized that he was in potential trouble, and started running in desparation to reach the strikers’ end.

Rabada, after picking up the ball, came up with a wayward throw to the left of de Kock, and for a brief moment, it seemed like Australia were going to get away with yet another run-out. However, taking a leaf out of MS Dhoni‘s book, de Kock pulled off an instinctive no-look flick back on to the stumps, and thanks to his brilliance, found Stonis short of his crease, earning South Africa their third wicket.


Watch the video here:



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